I . OWN . YOU! – A member of the Elite Club goads the ‘sheeple’ (and they love him for it!)

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A telling exert from the novel: ‘Behold The Cosmic Wave’ by S J McAuliffe

RANDY BLOOM:  I’m going to play for you some audio here that backs up exactly what I’ve been telling you is the truth.  This is a lecture given to some media students over in London England, at the prestigious Goldsmiths College, the speaker is Maynard Foxx; the guy who just bought the second biggest mainstream news organisation in America, so listen up…

 (There immediately follows audio of Maynard Foxx’s address to the Goldsmiths University students of Media and Culture)…


‘Thank you, I’d just like to start by telling you this – I own your thoughts.

-Each and every one of you.

I look around and what I see pleases me –uniformity.  With the occasional smattering of what some of you think passes for individuality.

But it’s not individuality.  It’s just a release valve; and guess what? – We created that very release-valve.  Your rebellion is not your own.

You see, we don’t dictate any one thing: That would be silly and pointless.  What we do is we control the rebellion as well as the status quo. 

Why do you think Chè Guevara became a cultural icon?  Because bastards like me realised they could oh-so-easily divert the anger of the masses with iconography.  You want revolution? – Put a poster on your wall and wear a revolutionary t-shirt (mass produced, you understand – one does have to turn a profit after all!) 


You laugh, but it’s true: your thoughts are owned.

When it was decided that your parents or – God forbid – grand-parents had outlived their damp-squib revolution: we hit them with unfettered and celebratory consumerism.

I sat in your charming University corporate-franchised café earlier: and just observed. –And listened.

You talked passionately about your new shoes; your trainers, your things.  You caressed your status-symbol cell-phones and your gadgets.  And guess what? –I heard not one mention of politics, yet alone revolution, not from any of you: You, who will leave this university saddled with debt; you who will begin your adult lives effectively as property of the state.

-But that’s okay.

-In fact it’s great.

It was enough to gladden my stony-heart, I can tell you that.


But it’s true: You are owned.  And the funny thing is: you don’t care.

I mean, it was engineered that way – – that you wouldn’t care: but we did actually think you’d put up more of a fight.

I guess we never realised how good our advisors really were.

But this goes back over decades really; a slow drip, drip, drip..

We made your parents actually believe that their thoughts were their own, while we subtly steered them, and steered them all the time.

But you – you don’t really care one way or the other, do you?  You dose everything with a helping of detached irony, but your every thought, your every deed is mannered; learnt from TV and the internet.

If I were, tomorrow, to hand-pick some of my most visible celebrities and send each of them out to be photographed by the mass media with kettles strapped to their heads; within a few days you’d start to see some of the much-admired ‘trend-setters’ amongst you begin to promenade doing exactly the same.  At least one of you would be, this time next week sat in your franchised university coffee shop: feigning casualness – with a kettle strapped to your head.


You laugh, but it’s true. 

Okay, here’s a little test; it requires honesty.

One person, just one: Raise your hand and tell me ONE thought, ONE SINGLE THOUGHT that you have had recently – that you could describe as original. 

Go on; hands up.


See, you’re laughing because you’re nervous – you don’t like silence – that was by design too.

We wanted a generation afraid of silence; suspicious of contemplation. We succeeded there too.

-Still waiting on the original thought-thing.  –No? –No takers? 

Well of course not.  –Thank you for your honesty.

You see, your greatest ambition is to be valued by your peers.  To that end you have denied your own habits and desires; buried your suspicions. 

That’s why I say, I own your thoughts; because I do.

And you love me so much for it, you invite me here, you treat me like a visiting guru; and hang off my every word.






It’s just a satisfying confirmation for me, that the great work pioneered by the likes of Edward Bernays has borne such sweet fruit.  I merely carry the torch; I never lit it; I just ensure its flame keeps burning on my watch.

Now, onto sex:

Many of you, no doubt, though conservative in thought; are very liberal in deed – especially when it comes to sex.

Some of you here tonight will experiment in some form of sexual kink, or perversion. You will think yourself something of a libertine in your actions; not even suspecting that those very kinks and perversions have been carefully placed by the mass media to trigger the very reaction that you will have.

You are robot libertines; unwittingly taking your cues from programs you cannot comprehend.

As I say, I own you.

If I own your behaviours it is because I own your thoughts, and if I own your thoughts, I own your soul.

Your speech patterns; your dress codes; your rebellion; your ideological beliefs (as meagre as they are); your ‘political correctness’ – think about where the term political correctness came from:  It was a form of political thought control from Marxist Russia and Maoist China.  Tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of people were killed for merely not adhering to this form of mass mind-control.  

Our techniques these days are more subtle.

We realised the hive-mind, if cultivated properly, could be self-regulating; and so we set-up a system of subtle indoctrination.

You are the products of that. 

As a result, none of you here today are capable of original or individual thought.  You are therefore perfect for the world you are so determined to enter.  The world of media; of programming (both television and mental programming); having been weaned on a self-regulating culture, you are the most perfect people to judge future output. 

And if you do happen to put a step wrong, to forget your cultural conditioning; your peers and companions here will be the first to tell you; to criticise you; and if you persist – they will ostracise you.  The system is so finely balanced that it is almost never necessary for we, the controllers (Television and mind-controllers) to step in. 

You are now self-regulating entities: You are both jailer and prisoner.  The programming is now more subtle, but always ongoing; a slow drip, drip into the consciousness; just to keep you topped up.  Of course in times of crisis: Unpopular overseas wars; economic ruin by the financial elite etcetera; then the programming is ramped up; the media whips up the more susceptible in society who in turn will turn on those who question the state: Words like unpatriotic and appeaser; even terrorist are banded about; and we, the controllers sit back, fold our arms and smile: Knowing full well that we control the mob; we turn the right keys, press the right buttons, set up the best distractions – and let you guys do the rest.

You know, there is a story from ancient Rome:

You know Rome? – The place where they wore sandals and Russell Crowe was a gladiator?


What worries me is that many of you can’t even remember Russell Crowe.


Actually, it doesn’t worry me – it’s just how we like it.  Anyway, back in Rome: this one wise senator came up with the idea: ‘Hey, why don’t we get all the slaves in Rome to wear a white arm band? That way we could recognise all the slaves among us.’

A still wiser senator took him to one side and whispered in his ear:

‘If we did that, they’d look around and see how many of them there are, and how few of us…’

Consequently, of course, the idea was scrapped.

It was a crap idea.


But the same principle plays out today; never let them know how many like minded souls there are among them. 

There are millions; and be in no doubt: The establishment fear them.  They fear the ones who can’t be put to sleep.  That’s why they work overtime to keep the majority mired in ignorance and distracted by triviality.  And that’s why they come to me:  I provide the cakes and circuses.

But also the fear:  Via television news we create a feeling of helplessness within the individual; this leaves them either defeated or desperate for distraction: Either way we win.

This is what I mean when I say, I own you. 

Those among you still capable of cognoscente thought may be wondering: ‘If he says there are millions who can’t be put to sleep, how does he know that I’m not one of them?’

I’ll tell you how I know: You’re third year media students.


So, if you’re lecturers and convenors have done their jobs properly; and I have no reason to doubt they have – that’s over two years of more-or-less prolonged indoctrination.  I am virtually certain that after undergoing that level of indoctrination, following on from the mandatory indoctrination of your various schools; and of course the ongoing bombardment of media indoctrination – you can’t help but be incapable of individual thought. 

Again: We like that.


So, having said what I wanted to say: I’m wondering if I managed to ruffle anyone’s feathers here today.  So, how about a quick straw poll?  -A show of hands please.

Following what I’ve just told you – how many here today, still would like, after graduating, as I’m sure you all will (you’ve paid good money for it after all), how many among you would still like to find employ within the mass media, despite all my goading?

Show of hands please.

Yes, thank you.

Oh, well – virtually unanimous.

Thank you.

I suppose the ones who didn’t raise their hands are doing their ‘not part of the herd’ thing.  –But we all know, they’re just the kettle-on-the-head brigade anyway, so ignore them.


Well, thank you, you have greatly reassured me here today.

If you have any questions, please direct them to someone else.

Thank you.




RANDY BLOOM:      -‘So there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth: 

They own you.

They control you, and they are so confident in their hold over you, they actually brag to your face about it.  And guess what, it seems you love them for it. 

Did you hear that applause? 

Its Stockholm syndrome folks: pure and simple.

They put you to sleep, and now they successfully control your dreams.

So I’m asking you today:



Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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